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Our skilled team of instructors leverage real-world experience to give cybersecurity professionals the skills they’ll need to advance their careers.

Why k>fivefour

At k>fivefour, we rely on skills-driven, apprentice-style training to empower the cybersecurity professionals of tomorrow with the skills they’ll need today. 

Unlike other training companies, we don’t use slide decks or pre-recorded lectures. Instead, our students learn from a knowledgeable team of professionals with real-world experience in Red Team operations. Available in-person or online, our classes leverage live instruction and rigorous certification exams to ensure students gain practical skills in addition to theoretical knowledge.

We also offer Battlegrounds—a​​ custom-built online training environment that allows cybersecurity personnel to test their skills against a variety of highly realistic virtual scenarios. Battlegrounds enables students to learn at their own pace in a customizable environment that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Explore the k>fivefour Training Facility

Our Cyber Operations Training Center has everything you need to become a master of Red Team tradecraft. Located in Huntsville, AL, this facility converges technical innovation with cyber operations expertise, software factory capabilities, and leading-edge Red Team training. Students will benefit from dual monitor setups, high-definition projectors, 75” televisions, and more. We provide the tools, you bring the willingness to learn.

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k>fivefour offers a range of classes to hone your online skills—from our Foundations of Cyber Operations Course and Red Team Apprenticeship Program to our Red Team Master Operator Course.


Put your newfound knowledge to the test in Battlegrounds, our custom-built online training environment. With a variety of highly realistic virtual scenarios to explore, Battlegrounds prepares k>fivefour students for real-word attacks.

About Us

k>fivefour’s mission is to empower cybersecurity professionals through superior hands-on cyber operations training. Our team has extensive experience throughout the Department of Defense and leverages that real-world knowledge to train and equip cyber operators to tackle the toughest challenges in cybersecurity.