Cyber Attacks Are Growing Rapidly
We Can Help You Stop Them

Whether you’re looking to equip your cybersecurity team with essential skills or evaluate your own cyber defenses, k>fivefour can help.

k>fivefour for Commercial Enterprises

Cybercrime Is Evolving, and Many Companies Are Hard-Pressed to Keep Up

k>fivefour is constantly updating our virtual Battlegrounds scenarios and training syllabi to keep pace with the latest cyber attack vectors.

Other Red Team Training Programs Rely on Lectures and Theoretical Knowledge

At k>fivefour, we challenge our students to take their Red Team tradecraft a step further with hands-on, lab-based learning.

Organizations Must Find a Way to Safeguard Proprietary Data and Operations

k>fivefour can help identify weaknesses in your cyber defense network before hackers have a chance to exploit them with our Red Team and cybersecurity assessments.

Red Team Assessments

Ideal for organizations wanting to test their ability to safeguard business assets, this assessment challenges internal security teams to combat a controlled cyber attack to examine all aspects of organizational cybersecurity.

Penetration Testing

This service leverages a unique “offensive infused” four-step process to uncover the vulnerabilities that leave critical business assets at risk. As part of this offering, k>fivefour will provide target reconnaissance, vulnerability enumeration, exploitation, and mission impact assessment to deliver a more comprehensive and meaningful evaluation.

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k>fivefour offers a range of classes to hone your online skills—from our Foundations of Cyber Operations Course and Red Team Apprenticeship Program to our Red Team Master Operator Course.


Put your newfound knowledge to the test in Battlegrounds, our custom-built online training environment. With a variety of highly realistic virtual scenarios to explore, Battlegrounds prepares k>fivefour students for real-word attacks.

About Us

k>fivefour’s mission is to empower cybersecurity professionals through superior hands-on cyber operations training. Our team has extensive experience throughout the Department of Defense and leverages that real-world knowledge to train and equip cyber operators to tackle the toughest challenges in cybersecurity.