Put Your Skills to the Test with Battlegrounds

Train, augment, and perfect your Red Team tradecraft with Battlegrounds: k>fivefour's custom-built online training environment. With a variety of highly realistic virtual scenarios to choose from, Battlegrounds enables cybersecurity personnel to test their skills in a personalized, persistent environment. Battlegrounds access does not require any special software or programs and can be purchased independently of k>fivefour courses.

Battleground Virtual Scenarios Key Benefits

Experience a variety of highly realistic virtual environments that are constantly evolving based on the latest real-world attack behaviors

Learn at your own pace with persistent sessions that can be stopped, continued, saved, and reset to a clean state at any time during the training session

Create a customized education experience with individually assigned virtual environments that are isolated to ensure students have complete control

Access Battlegrounds anytime, anywhere using only a web browser with 24/7 availability

Upload open-source toolsets to customize your Battleground experience as you see fit

Disperse knowledge across your organization with team mode — a collaborative setting that allows users to share their environment with other Battlegrounds users

Battleground Offerings

k>fivefour Battleground scenarios create a highly-realistic training environment where you can test your skills against real-world threats.


Designed specifically for Red Team Apprentice Course graduates, this scenario challenges you to pivot throughout the Campgrounds domain to discover and generate effects against a “hardened host” which contains trade secrets about an upcoming Campsite location.

Students will learn new tunneling techniques, compromising insecure file servers, and more in this challenging virtual scenario.


Our hardest scenario to date! In Gameplanet, students must evaluate a large, sprawling enterprise network to determine if potential adversaries could gain access to their intellectual property. But watch out! As you complete this scenario, you may realize there are other “actors” at play.

We recommend students complete the Red Team Journeyman Course before attempting this advanced scenario.


A smaller company with an even smaller digital footprint, the Linklight scenario challenges you to evaluate their DMZ implementation and ensure it is properly isolated from their corporate assets.

Students who choose to complete this scenario will encounter a world of new Linux systems, SQL servers, remote code execution exploits, and more!

Cobalt Strike

Explore Cobalt Strike’s capabilities through this engaging scenario. Designed for those who are new to Cobalt Strike, this scenario takes users through a detailed lab exposing all of the software’s core capabilities and features.

k>fivefour Offers Three Different Tiers So You Can Find the Training Option That Best Fits Your Needs


$200/14 Days


Price varies based on duration


Price varies based on duration


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