Red Team Journeyman Course

Grow your cyber skill set in the second part of our three-course Red Team Operator series. This intermediate-level course mimics the capabilities of nation-state hackers through a hands-on, applied learning experience. Students will learn how to build, configure, and secure covert infrastructure while creating customized tunnels to route web and C2 traffic through attack environments. The Red Team Journeyman course costs $10,995.00.

What You’ll Learn

Web shell customization and deployment

Building, configuring, and securing covert infrastructure

Domain fortification

Advanced remote execution as well as advanced user and administrative persistence

Domain pivoting

Advanced lateral movement techniques

Antivirus bypass techniques

And more!

Skills You'll Gain

About This Course

Ready to take your Red Team tradecraft to the next level? Take a 10-day deep dive into our Red Team Journeyman Course. Apprentice-certified operators can expand their cyber skill set over the course of eight instruction days, learning how to gain initial access, escalate privileges, pivot between domains, and create complex TCP/IP tunnels through Linux machines to compromise hardened enclaves.

As with all k>fivefour courses, our instructors take a hands-on approach. Students will benefit from a combination of live, interactive lectures and applied learning across 37 individual labs and more than 40 virtual machines within the lab network. At the end of the course, students will be expected to put their knowledge to the test during a two-day certification exam. Students must demonstrate what they learned during their scenario-based Red Team course instruction in a lab environment, and all exams are audited for proper Red Team tradecraft. 

Students wanting to enroll in the Red Team Journeyman Course must first be certified in our Red Team Apprentice Course, have experience using command line applications, demonstrate advanced experience with networking, possess a basic understanding of TCP/IP tunnels, and have a basic understanding of programming principles such as logic tests, control statements, and variables.

Meet Our Instructors

Zachary Parmley

Software Engineer

Zachary is a skilled developer and engineer with 15 years of experience in his field. He is proficient in multiple coding languages as well as web development. Zachary currently serves as a Software Engineer at k>fivefour’s parent company, Millennium Corporation.

Jeff Benson

Red Team Principle Instructor

Jeff has over eight years of experience supporting both the special operations and DoD Red Team communities, with a particular focus on cybersecurity, electronics, psychological warfare, and media operations. He now serves as an instructor and course developer for k>fivefour.

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Red Team Journeyman Course Certificate Retake

All k>fivefour courses conclude with a rigorous certification exam that puts students' knowledge to the test.

If you don't pass the exam on your first attempt, this voucher will allow you to retake the Red Team Journeyman Course certification exam. Students may also bundle the retake voucher with a week of Tier 2 Battlegrounds "Professional" access in order to practice in the Journeyman Course lab environment before attempting the test.

Still have questions?

Learn more about k>fivefour training courses — including where classes are located and what you need to do to become certified — by visiting our FAQ page.

Apprentice Course

Master the fundamentals of cybersecurity and Red Team operations with this beginner-friendly course.