Who we are

k>fivefour is the training solution of choice for hands-on cyber operations learning.

Our Mission

k>fivefour’s mission is to empower cybersecurity professionals through superior, hands-on cyber operations training.  We believe that cybersecurity is an applied, skills-driven domain, whose practitioners must be able to demonstrate their abilities through hands-on training and certification. This approach ensures those who are certified Red Team operators have demonstrated the ability and aptitude to conduct cyber operations. In short, they can ‘walk the walk’.  k>fivefour students are taught by experts with decades of combined experience in real-world cyber operations and a true passion for their tradecraft. This ensures our students learn the latest techniques, and that our training is current and relevant to today’s threats.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Ben Clark

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Ben started his career in the Intelligence Community 18 years ago and now leads a team of more than 50 Red Team operators who directly support multiple certified DoD Red Teams. As one of the creators of k>fivefour, he helps drive the technical vision and strategy for both Millennium and k>fivefour.

Matthew Hulse

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Matt has 19 years of experience in IT, with 13 of those in Red Teaming. He has supported dozens of assessments for military and commercial clients. In addition to his role as CISO at k>fivefour, Matthew also serves as Millennium’s Director of Cybersecurity and Solutions.

Jeff Benson

Red Team Principle Instructor

Jeff has over eight years of experience supporting both the special operations and DoD Red Team communities, with a particular focus on cybersecurity, electronics, psychological warfare, and media operations. He now serves as an instructor and course developer for k>fivefour.

Our Locations

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k>fivefour offers a range of classes to hone your online skills—from our Foundations of Cyber Operations Course and Red Team Apprenticeship Program to our Red Team Master Operator Course.


Put your newfound knowledge to the test in Battlegrounds, our custom-built online training environment. With a variety of highly realistic virtual scenarios to explore, Battlegrounds prepares k>fivefour students for real-word attacks.

About Us

k>fivefour’s mission is to empower cybersecurity professionals through superior hands-on cyber operations training. Our team has extensive experience throughout the Department of Defense and leverages that real-world knowledge to train and equip cyber operators to tackle the toughest challenges in cybersecurity.