Red Team Apprentice Course

The Red Team Apprentice Course is a beginner-friendly program covering fundamental security topics and Red Team operations. Prepare for a career in emulating nation-state level cyber threats and adversaries through hands-on, lab-driven network attack scenarios and highly realistic Battleground training environments to hone your real-world skill sets. The Red Team Apprentice course costs $6,495.00.

What You’ll Learn

Red Team foundations, operations, and methodology

Mission preparation

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis

Active reconnaissance

Target exploitation

Post-exploitation activities

Mission objectives

And more!

Skills You'll Gain

About This Course

The Red Team Apprentice Course is a six-day, beginner-friendly introduction to the foundations of cybersecurity and Red Team operations. Over the course of five class days, students will learn how to emulate nation-state level cyber threats and adversaries through live instruction and hands-on, lab-driven network attack scenarios. We don’t believe in pre-recorded lectures or monotonous slide presentations. Instead, students test their skills in our purpose-built training environment, Battlegrounds, and engage directly with experienced instructors. Classes are offered virtually and in-person at our Cyber Operations Training Center.

The course concludes with a nine-hour hands-on certification exam on the sixth day. To ensure that students leave our course prepared for their careers as cyber operators, we use Battlegrounds to conduct a mock Red Team assessment from start to finish. Students use the skills and tradecraft taught during the course to complete a Red Team operation against a simulated Microsoft® Windows® domain network. Students also have the option to take a practical certification exam to test their knowledge gained during the course.

Successful completion of the Red Team Apprentice Course is required before enrolling in the Red Team Journeyman or Master Operator Courses.

Meet Our Instructors

Henry Lugo

Security Engineer

Having been with the company since 2016, Henry is deeply experienced in Red Team training. He is certified as a Red Team Apprentice and a Red Team Journeyman, and he is skilled across multiple areas of cybersecurity. Today, Henry works as a Security Engineer at k>fivefour’s parent company, Millennium Corporation.

Zachary Parmley

Software Engineer

Zachary is a skilled developer and engineer with 15 years of experience in his field. He is proficient in multiple coding languages as well as web development. Zachary currently serves as a Software Engineer at k>fivefour’s parent company, Millennium Corporation.

Tyler Burge

Systems Security Engineer

Tyler brings with him nearly two decades of experience in the cybersecurity and federal markets, covering everything from software development to vulnerability assessment and scanning, penetration testing, information security, and more. He currently acts as a Systems Security Engineer at k>fivefour’s parent company, Millennium Corporation.

Jeff Benson

Red Team Principle Instructor

Jeff has over eight years of experience supporting both the special operations and DoD Red Team communities, with a particular focus on cybersecurity, electronics, psychological warfare, and media operations. He now serves as an instructor and course developer for k>fivefour.

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Red Team Apprentice Course Certificate Retake

All k>fivefour courses conclude with a rigorous certification exam that puts students' knowledge to the test.

If you don't pass the exam on your first attempt, this voucher will allow you to retake the Red Team Apprentice Course certification exam. Students may also bundle the retake voucher with a week of Tier 2 Battlegrounds "Professional" access in order to practice in the Apprentice Course lab environment before attempting the test.

Still have questions?

Learn more about k>fivefour training courses — including where classes are located and what you need to do to become certified — by visiting our FAQ page.

Journeyman Course

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