RedTeam Master Operation Course

Grow your expertise with the Red Team Master Operator Course—the fifth and final class in k>fivefour’s roster! This class is an intensive deep dive into cutting-edge Red Team tradecraft. Students who complete this course will have mastered the latest tools and techniques in offensive cyber operations.

What You’ll Learn

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Skills You'll Gain

About This Course

As the fifth and final class in our roster, the Red Team Master Operator Course is our most challenging one yet. Once students have successfully completed their Red Team Journeyman certification, they can move onto this final level.

Red Team Master Operators are experts in Red Team tools, techniques, and tradecraft. To become a Red Team Master operator, students must first certify in any two of our available Cybersecurity Specialization Courses. These courses cover everything from network exploitation to reverse engineering and malware analysis, offensive forensics and hunting, and web application exploitation.

Next, prospective Red Team Operators will enroll in a one-week culmination course that includes a variety of cyber-attack scenarios, a two-day hands on certification examination, and a technical board with three existing master operators.

Meet Our Instructors

Jeff Benson

Red Team Principle Instructor

Jeff has over eight years of experience supporting both the special operations and DoD Red Team communities, with a particular focus on cybersecurity, electronics, psychological warfare, and media operations. He now serves as an instructor and course developer for k>fivefour.

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Red Team Master Operator Course Certificate Retake

This voucher allows you to retake the Red Team Master Operator certification exam and can be bundled with a week of Tier 2 Battlegrounds "Advanced" access.